Thursday, August 26, 2021

Virginia Fall Classic Poker Run 2021

Join us for the 2021 Virginia Fall Classic Poker Run! Every $10 hand gives you a chance to win one of multiple prizes and lets you collect one Poker Run card from each of the 7 stops TBA. Win loose or draw, you keep your hand containing 7 one of a kind VFC-2021 Poker Run cards.

The Poker Run is scheduled for Sunday, October 24th, 2021, starting off from Hampton Roads Harley Davidson at 1:00 to 1:30 PM. 

The game is 7 Card Draw, No Wild Cards.

Each of the Poker Run Stop sponsoring businesses will have unique branded decks of cards to deal from on the day of the Poker Run.

You can play as many hands as you like ($10 per hand.)

Best hand gets half the pot (up to $500) and the Pumpkin Rod Cup.

Prizes for worst hand, 2nd and 3rd best hand will also be awarded. (These non-cash prizes are yet to be determined.)

In the end, you'll pick 5 of your cards to present your best standard poker hand. (This means, for example, even if you have 5 of a kind, you can only use 4 of a kind and a high card.) See examples below.

If you are playing multiple hands:  

  • Dealers will mark your cards with the # order of your hands (mark a "1" on the card drawn for 1st hand, mark a "2" on the card drawn for 2nd hand....) 
  • Your winning hand cannot contain more than one card from any of the Poker Run Stop sponsors. 
  • Players of multiple hands are not eligible for worst hand prize.